As we embarked on our journey through the outskirts of Livingston to capture Maddisyn’s Senior Pictures, a wave of awe washed over us. The scenery that unfolded before our eyes seemed to be straight out of a fairy tale. The flowing river, meandering effortlessly through the lush green fields, mirrored the tranquility of our souls. It was as if time stood still, allowing us to savor every moment of this breathtaking experience.

Senior Photos

August 10, 2023

Senior Pictures with Maddisyn


As I ventured into the unknown and got lost in the vastness of the mountains, little did I know that this detour would lead me to an incredible experience of capturing Ellie’s senior pictures. Sometimes, it is in those moments of wandering that we stumble upon the most breathtaking backdrops that nature gifts us.

Senior Photos

July 19, 2023

Senior Photo’s with Ellie